Competitive Intelligence Services




After more than a decade of experience in market research, competitive intelligence and business intelligence, we have developed several revolutionary products and services that are being used by most recognized companies in region for many years:






A tool for tracking of marketing activities of companies on national markets. Delivers fast notifications on market changes and capabilities for online pricing and competitive bench marking, allowing companies to gain a competitive advantage on dynamic markets. Provides reliable, standardized and detailed inputs from market to a number of departments, such as customer value management, products and services, pricing, controlling and sales. CIT enables companies to create more competitive offers with faster time-to-market all the while becoming more market aware.  For more details click on this link.







Revolutionary solution for precise real-time tracking of increasing number of BTL offers on telco markets. Allows discovery of available and received competitor’s offers via SMS and Web channels, tracking of service usage, detection of BTL campaign triggering patterns. Clients receive quick email notifications on new offers and can use powerful on-line analytics for detailed analysis of all offers on market, user behavior patterns and offers history. Telco companies are using insights from this tool to create more adjusted and competitive products and services. For more details click on this link.






A unique social media tracking and consulting service that saves social media managers’ time by providing them with quality insights and new perspectives. Unlike any other service on market, Socializer performs categorization of competitors’ social media content based on client’s personal needs or industry specifics. This approach delivers new insights on competitors’ focus areas and resulting user engagement levels. Instead of generic reports, clients receive focused updates adjusted to their industry and interests and only for topics that are really relevant. In addition to fast daily email updates and traditional on-line reports, consultative overview reports prepared by experienced social media experts are highlighting all relevant qualitative topics that could be of interest to a client. Social media managers will receive unbiased and objective operational and strategic coverage of competitors’ social media activity with minimal efforts. For more details click on this link.






While being more than a decade in CI business, conducting various ad-hoc CI projects and CI systems, we have gained unique expertise and skills required to build and operate state-of-the art CI tracking solutions which are not industry and market specific. We are able to gather data from many data sources, standardize, segment, filter and transform them into quick, precise, meaningful and easy to use insights that can be used to track new market events, monitor competitor’s activities and conduct competitive pricing analysis. Contact us for more details via this form.