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DATALatest research shows that executives struggle to get a meaningful and complete data insights on time in order to make fast and reliable decisions. Although companies make big investments into state-of-the art analytical business intelligence solutions, not many have managed to build quality insights from internal company data on planned time and almost none has leveraged and monetized on external unstructured data like market changes, industry trends and public data. Many projects have consumed significant time and resources but have failed to deliver on expectations. Most important challenges turned out to be not technical but methodological and organizational. We are focused on addressing those challenges in several areas.



Business intelligence project consulting



We are a group of experienced and certified business intelligence professionals, each with more than a decade of experience working on most challenging BI projects who have seen best and worst worldwide. We will help you minimize the risks by providing counseling, auditing and consulting services in all phases of business intelligence projects: from feasibility analysis, project planning and organization, project execution, to acceptance testing and organizational introduction.




Data governance and data quality audits


Quality-dictionary-300x300One of the most important measures of success of any BI solution is final user’s level of trust. Best way to gain trust is to ensure constant and unquestionable data quality. Although it looks simple, majority of BI solutions fail exactly on this topic. In order to deliver constant data quality, many procedural and organizational changes need to be introduced, most likely company-wide. We are providing data quality auditing services during BI solution setup and delivery, as well as continuous data quality auditing and support for existing BI solutions.



Data visualization and reporting system usability reviews


statisticaImportant measure of quality of BI solution is how fast a user can locate facts that are most important for him. Many factors contribute to final overall system usability level but are mostly neglected during setup and long term operations. Most important are  establishment of reporting and visualization standards, company-wide KPI definitions and data glossaries, reporting portfolio organization, reporting life cycle management and report interactivity and usability analysis. We have developed several methodologies that can increase BI system productivity and bring final user experience to optimal level. We are able to provide on-site workshops to optimize your BI reporting solution, continuous consulting/support services and complete outsourced reporting system development and operations.



Unstructured data collection and consolidation


funnelWe have built a set of technology independent multidisciplinary methodologies that allow collection and consolidation of unstructured market data as well as internal company data and compile them into a single, reliable 360 degree version of truth that contains all necessary business decision relevant data no matter which source they come from. With proper setup, we are able to completely automatize reporting on most important company KPI-s no matter if they are result of our regular competitive tracker studies, sales reports from internal IT systems, brand and communication indicators in spreadsheets or macroeconomics indicators published on Internet.

Our goal is to take over and fully automatize data gathering and reporting process in behalf of client, allowing its employees to dedicate time to more important activities like analysis and decision making. Our team of experienced market intelligence, competitive intelligence and business intelligence consultants can, with minimum engagement of client, locate business critical KPI-s, establish necessary processes for their reliable reporting and build tools and infrastructure necessary to support them.



Technical development


We offer specialized services in DWH design, data transformation and data loading, data visualization and reporting, and advanced data analysis  in following tools and technologies:



1msbi    1oracle        








We offer turn-key solution as well as continuous consulting services in order to suit client’s evolving business needs.
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