Management Team




For more than a decade we have been working in many prestigious regional companies, providing them with quality insights and leading many international projects, helping them grow and prosper. We believe that together, as onSpot, we can be even better at what we do, be more focused and dedicated to serve your needs. This is our management team:


General ManagerTechnology DirectorMI DirectorAnalytics DirectorBI Director



Senior Market Intelligence Consultant


20 years of professional experience as market intelligence consultant and manager – 9 years in GfK, leading GfK ICT research, followed by 6 years of experience as onSpot market intelligence & consultancy director.  Experienced consultant in Marketing/ CRM/ HR Area. Fact-based consultancy expertise developed through management of numerous market intelligence/ consultancy projects of various designs. Highly involved in defining marketing and communication strategies for brands, products & services and corporations. Leading projects of the highest strategic importance for companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Imlek, IKEA, Mobilkom Austria, Vip mobile, Telenor, Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Srbija, Samsung and many others. Experience of direct managing of hundreds of market research projects for major international and local companies such as InBev, Bambi, Bongrain, JTI, Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco, UNIQA, Raiffeisen Bank, Ericsson etc. Particular expertise in innovative MI/ CI/ BI approaches development – member of global innovation teams and global innovative MI products manager. Development of range of innovative approaches in onSpot’s portfolio: Competitive Intelligence, Digital, CRM, Social Media, Business Intelligence, POS market research and online market research solutions.




“Lado managed very complex projects for T-Mobile and T-Home, like Usage & Attitude and Consumer segmentation studies, as well as New product development/positioning studies. All projects were of high strategic importance for our company and we were highly satisfied with our cooperation with Lado and the depth of knowledge he delivered. Lado is analytical in approach and capable to link different data into coherent, understandable and actionable marketing strategies.”
— Zorica Jovanović, Market Research Manager, T-Crnogorski Telekom 


I have worked with Lado Basic on one of the most important projects TCCC undertook in Serbia, The Long Range Planning. Significant part of the project involved desk research and what Lado did was, in my point of view, amazing. Not only did he sort and analyze the data but he managed to deliver outstanding insights that made us rethink and totally change our 10+ year strategy for the market.I’m 100% sure that if Lado wasn’t behind the project we wouldn’t have gotten such eye opening and high quality insights. His dedication to the project, thoroughness in approach and precision behind every number and word were truly admirable. It was a real pleasure and huge professional experience for me while working with him on this project.”
Ana Smileska, Research Manager at The Coca-Cola Company


“We are very satisfied with support provided by onSpot as well as with Lado’s MR and consultancy expertise. Projects conducted with this company delivered high quality service and deep and operational consulting advices. onSpot proved to be reliable business partner you can count on.”
Jana Babić, Market Intelligence Manager, IKEA SEE


“Lado is very intelligent and reliable business partner. He manages projects in a highly organized, logical and precise manner, simultaneously focused on both tiny details and overall meaning and goals of the survey. He is responsible, devoted and he will always do his best to deliver results of the highest quality and the deepest consulting advices for company and its business.”
Sonja Leković, Market Information Manager, Imlek,  Salford Investment Fund



Senior Business Intelligence Consultant



Senior IT professional with a successful career in team leadership, enterprise project management, business intelligence, CRM and advanced analytics. Oriented towards marketing and passionate in exploring new ways for data monetization, IT, Internet and telco products and services, new marketing approaches and business models. More than 15 years of professional experience as BI and CRM expert and manager, working at challenging positions within Telenor Denmark, Telenor Serbia, Vip mobile, SBB and Distinctia LLC. Since 2014 partner in onSpot, with a mission of helping a successful start-up to grow and become a regional leader in consultancy, innovative market research and advanced analytical solutions.



“Naum came to Telenor in the most turbulent times in the BI area due to a transition to the new eDWH. With the up-most dedication and patience, excellent technical understanding and detailed analysis of business users’ needs, he managed to motivate all of the parties involved in the project to get back on track. Since then, the transition to the new eDWH has become a company-wide success story with valuable business insights being generated by the whole BI value chain. He is a great leader in the BI area, with a can-do attitude and easy to work with on the most daunting tasks.”
—  Ivan Karlovic, Senior Data Scientist at Telenor Norge AS


 “I worked closely with Naum in Telenor Serbia. He is a friendly colleague in Telenor group – smart, organized, creative and dedicated. He has broad experience in DW/BI and knowledge, and works very well with diverse groups of people. He can be counted on to plan carefully and thoroughly, to mobilize the needed resources, to motivate stakeholders (IT and Business), and to make sure things get done in a timely manner with great results. I worked with Naum with 10 months as BI consultancy and we developed a friendly relationship as followed Telenor Values. He is one of the best colleagues I have worked with and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position.”
— A K Fayez Ullah (Babor), Solution Architect, CoE, PM at eBIW LLC, CA


“It was a great experience working with Naum for more than 4 years. He has been a friendly and knowledgeable colleague, unselfishly helping me learn and grow in tough business situations. He has a unique combination of great IT experience and very good business and marketing knowledge and skills that will make him ideal for many modern company positions. I would always work and learn from him again.”
– Nebojsa Ristic, Business Intelligence Expert at Vip mobile


“I have a great time working with Naum. He’s not just technically adept but he’s a great project manager too. He was a fantastic person to work with.”
— Ziaulh Hoque, DW and BI Consultant Gremephone, Telenor Group 



Senior Market Intelligence Consultant


20 years of professional experience as market intelligence consultant and manager – 6 years as a leader of GfK FMCG department, followed by 9 years of experience on a demanding dual role of regional market intelligence manager and regional category manager in the largest FMCG company on the market, Imlek. Senior expertize in various MI methodologies: Pricing, Volume forecast, NPD, Loyalty, Usage & Attitude, Segmentation, Brand and communication, Package and data-based consultancy. Project manager with an experience of direct managing of hundreds of market intelligence projects for major international and local companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Imlek, Bambi, Nestle, Kraft, Wrigley, JTI, Philip Morris etc. KAM for The Coca Cola Company and Bambi. Invaluable in-company MI experience: Synthesis of external (MI) and internal company data (volume, revenue, GM%, Ebitda), application of market data and consumer insights into precise Business and Marketing strategies and annual Business Plan. Unique additional category management expertise: planning and implementation of marketing strategies on Category and Brand level: ATL & BTL activities, communication platforms, new product development, return of investment and P&L analysis. Senior consultant in onSpot since the foundation of company in 2012, onSpot’s market intelligence director since 2017.




“I have had a chance to cooperate with Maja while she was at GfK and I had the position of research manager at Coca-Cola. She has demonstrated high level of functional expertise, professionalism and what we really appreciated, capability to understand our business and challenges and help us generate powerful insights as base of business decisions.”
Nataša Đurđević, Marketing Activation Excellence Director at The Coca-Cola Company


I have worked with Maja Basic on over 30 projects during her career with GfK – from simple concept/product tests to complex pricing studies. I value her especially because she handled every project flawlessly from beginning till end and even took care about the tiniest details that a person in stressful busy days normally wouldn’t. And what was most important for me was that the call of duty didn’t end with a powerpoint presentation as she was always available for post project brainstorming sessions and workshops where the insights delivered were transformed in to actual plans and actions. I’ve worked with many other agencies and researchers but what I can definitely say is that Maja is among the top 3 researchers in Serbia I’ve worked with. I will not exaggerate to say that her leaving GfK was felt very much on TCCC cooperation with them and quality of output, especially in the first couple of years. I would strongly recommend Maja for her expertize but also great sense of responsibility and willingness to follow through to the projects she’s working on.
–Ana Smileska, The Coca-Cola Company


“Maja was working at GfK, responsible for the Bambi account. She is a delight to work with – organized, customer focused, insightful and professional with a real understanding of the customer’s business context. She always displayed superior expertise in consumer insights and data-based marketing consultancy. Very highly recommended”
Karen Cunningham, COO Bambi


“Maja was our Key Account manager in GfK for years and we cooperated on all kind of MR projects, some of the highest strategic importance for our company such as U&A and consumer segmentations, consumption analysis, brand/ product positioning, pricing and communication. We enjoyed our cooperation as Maja is truly devoted to work and she has broad and deep knowledge of both research methodologies and Serbian FMCG market. We admired her strategic thinking and ability to integrate vast amount of data and translate it into clear marketing advices.”
–Emina Stojadinović Tamindžija, Market Research Manager at Bambi-Banat


“Maja Basic is in Imlek since 2009. She has a dual responsibility: Category manager and Head of research. Over these 5 years Maja has proved to be a very valuable and precious employee for the company. Her knowledge and experience in the field of research are outstanding. Company decisions based on her research recommendations have proven to be very successful. I also wish to point out Maja’s dedication to her professional assignments and a great sense precision and detail in her work. In the purely marketing field she has demonstrated initiative and creativity.”
Srđan Popović, Marketing Director at Imlek


It is always rewarding when we get an opportunity to work with Maja. Extraordinary market and consumer knowledge, enhanced with genuine desire to support clients to create real value and succeed, is what makes her exceptional professional and person that I find a great pleasure to work with. Maja and onSpot agency are my honest recommendation to all those who strive for excellence in consumer understanding and creating strategic direction to address their needs.”
–Katarina Šibalić, Marketing Director at Strauss Adriatic


“I have been cooperating with Maja for many years, first within GfK and afterwards as her client, when she moved to onSpot. Maja is an excellent associate and client service person. She is very responsible and devoted to her job. A rich business experience and natural abilities are her advantages in recognizing, understanding and responding to different business needs of clients, as well as in solving challenging and complex situations. I am very glad to recommend Maja for any future cooperation.”
–Vladana Mijailović, Research Manager at Strauss Adriatik





Senior Data Analyst


13 years of professional experience, including 6 years at the position of senior data analyst and head of data processing department within GfK and 3 years as a director of analytics in onSpot. Responsible for high quality of analyzed data, conducting in-depth data analysis using wide range of traditional and advanced statistical methods, performing data quality control, delivering insightful research findings and recommendations to project managers based on analyzed data. Developed expertise in methodological consulting: high involvement in all phases of market intelligence projects management. Consultant to both project managers and clients regarding topics of methodology selection, sample design, questionnaire development, proper usage of data analysis methods, reports creation, data visualization and presentation including BI platforms (Tableau), interpretation of complex statistical analysis results. Especially experienced in complex segmentation and U&A research projects for clients from FMCG and ICT industries.



Senior Business Intelligence Expert


16 years of professional experience, including 15 years at positions of senior BI and CRM analyst expert in Telenor and 1 year at the position of onSpot’s director of business intelligence. BI expertise of in-depth analysis of customers’ base and market campaigns with inputs for business improvement, customers’ profiling, clustering and behavior analysis, analysis of market positioning and competition, analysis of market campaigns impact on customer behavior. Supporting business and other stakeholders to take decisions based on facts and root causes of challenges or opportunities. CRM analytics experience in reporting related to main CRM activities and KPIs, in-depth analysis of CRM campaigns results, analysis of customer usage, behavior, churn, profitability and demographics, support activities – data manipulation, customer base segmentation, sampling and stratification and business case data preparation. Since January 2017 leading onSpot’s business intelligence and competitive intelligence department, KAM for Vip mobile and project manager for CIT competitive intelligence system in Serbia and Montenegro.



“I have worked with Staša for many years on various activities that required processing and manipulation of big datamarts, segmentation and stratification of customer base, reports structuring and automation, creation of dashboards for regular KPIs monitoring and making projections of KPIs further trends. She was very successful in carrying out given activities. I can say that Staša is a true team member, always ready to lend a helping hand to her teammates. Staša is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, smart and capable to think in advance about the problems that can encounter in the work. She has intelligence, work ethic and communications skills which will add value wherever she works.”
— Sanda Pešić, Manager Reporting, CMO Division, Telenor Serbia


“As Stanislava’s sole direct manager at Telenor, I’ve worked closely with her for six months. Even though period of our cooperation was not so long, Stanislava showed outstanding analytical skills. On a personal level, she has highly developed dependability, flexibility and interpersonal skills, qualities that have served her well in her role as Business Analyst. During our cooperation, Stanislava was assigned to tasks related to data analyses and presenting the results of company performance to the company management and other relevant stakeholders. Her insights provided strong inputs for further decision making regarding marketing strategy. Furthermore, her willingness to constantly develop made her a data cruncher of high skills.”|
Danijela Sarovic, Manager Analysis, Telenor Serbia


“I have had a privilege to work with Staša for many years on vast variety of mobile telecommunication projects like establishing reporting on many different subjects, BTL campaigns preparation, execution or results analysis, forecasting, customer segmentation, credit scoring and behavior analysis. The list of her qualities both as a colleague and a person is too long to put on the paper so I will mention only few – her persistence to crack any data mystery to the core with really insightful output of great value where many less curious minds would surrender and her to-die for documentation that made any take over really smooth and hassle free.”
Milica Mićić, Business Analyst, Telenor Serbia