Vision, Mission and Values




Our Vision
To become regional leader in consultancy, innovative market research and advanced analytical solutions.

Our Mission
We are sincerely committed to satisfaction of our clients by providing them with uncompromising quality, superior level of consulting services and innovative approaches.

Our Values
Innovation – to develop unique research methods based on advanced technologies and offer speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness to our clients.
Reliability – we will never compromise in terms of data quality.
Consultancy – we guarantee the highest level of consulting services and in-depth insights.
Trust – we will never give promises we cannot fulfill.
Social responsibility – we believe in better community and that each contribution can make a change.




We are relying on 4 key principles:


1. Highest quality standards without compromise

Quality standards in focus: We understand that long-term success of our company depends not on the profit and sales goals we set and chase, but on how good we can meet and exceed clients’ expectations. onSpot will never make compromises with quality, because we understand what are the consequences of such approach.
Selling services according to capacities: We never oversell our promises. In cases when we assess that we are not able to meet quality standards and client’s demands, we don’t offer our services.


2. Active implementation of new technologies

Constant investments and commitment to implementation of new technologies: Our goal is to find appropriate techniques for changing market circumstances and to offer quality, flexible and affordable new technology research solutions to our clients whenever needed – not because they sound or look good, but because they are often the best way to approach and describe usage, attitudes and experience of modern-world consumers.


3. Consultancy as standard

Experienced consultants: Quality of consultancy services depends on skills of professionals providing it. onSpot has a network of carefully selected senior consultants who represent the best that market has to offer in the field of market research and consultancy – senior analyst consultants as well as market research consultants specialized in qualitative and/ or quantitative approaches.
Time and resources devoted to understand client’s needs and to interpret requirements: As we are not sales volume-driven company, our business model allows us to invest sufficient time and resources to deeply understand client’s needs and perspective, to identify the best solution based on our experience and discussion with client, and to interpret results with top-level consultancy approach.


4. Cost efficiency

Optimized organizational structure and productivity: onSpot is internally organized as flexible, dynamic and efficient system. We have optimized productivity based on careful selection of highly efficient and productive associates and their proper motivation, as well as on avoiding unproductive or insufficiently productive positions.
Overheads policy adjusted to local market and times of economic downturn: When it comes to costs, we have fully utilized advantages of the fact that we are locally-founded company. This means that costs of our services are not burdened by unreasonable overheads and profit goals of foreign owners.