Market Intelligence




We are innovative full-service market research and consulting company that applies cutting edge technologies to traditional research methods and flexible organizational and management approaches in order to deliver better insights and quality information necessary for making important business decisions. We have carefully selected our technical experts and research consultants. Our consulting team is specialized in various fields: market assessment and market entry strategies, integration and visualization of data from various sources, all types of surveys with special expertise in complex survey designs such as multidimensional consumer segmentation and pricing strategies, as well as in all survey methodologies.


We are focused on delivering high quality services via flexible organizational setup.

onSpot combines the best in-house market research consultancy and the best fieldwork quality which results in a truly unique proposal on the market.



We provide full range of surveys & data based consulting:


♦ Usage & Attitude surveys;

♦ Tracking surveys;

♦ Brand health surveys;

♦ Consumer segmentation;

♦ Lifestyle surveys;

♦ New product development:

-Concept tests;

-Product tests;

-Package tests;

-Volume forecast.

♦ Communication surveys (pre- & post- measurement);

♦ Price optimization;

♦ Customer satisfaction surveys;

♦ Employee satisfaction surveys;

♦ And many more…


Our consulting team has strong expertise in all kinds of survey methodologies:


Qualitative methodologies:

-Focus group discussions;

-In-depth interviews;

-Ethnographic surveys.

Quantitative methodologies:

-Face to face CAPI surveys;

-CATI/ Telephone surveys;

-CAWI/ Online surveys;

-Central Location Tests.

Desk surveys.


We are Macro & Micro environment experts: Strategic desk surveys/ secondary source analysis.


onSpot has a wide experience in providing desk survey data analysis based on client’s current needs. Examples of similar analysis onSpot has conducted in past include: macroeconomic environment and trends analysis (STEEP/ PESTEL), analysis supporting short-term business plans or long-term company’s direction strategies, new market potentials, risk analysis, SWOT analysis etc.



Unique expertise: We analyze, integrate and visualize MI & Internal data at your demand.


onSpot has a wide experience in analysis, integration and visualization of available data from different external and internal primary sources (e.g. market research results, pricing and sales data, retail audit data etc.).

Besides visualization in form of power point presentations, optionally we can also develop an integrated BI solution – dynamic online reporting platform. Possibility to implement: sales data dashboard, blind tests, etc.



We are online reporting experts, using globally leading reporting platforms.


From year 2016 our reporting system is extended by adding Tableau, leading commercial reporting platform from Gartner 2017 magic quadrant:




Our unique approach: Social responsibility in surveys we conduct.


We are witnessing dramatic lifestyle changes – lifestyle acceleration and overall saturation with information – that bring serious challenges to survey industry in terms of rapidly declining response rates. As part of solution to motivate survey participants, and driven by our strong desire to contribute to better community, we introduced powerful socially-responsible motivating schemes to our surveys – Socially-responsible donations for each completed interview.

How does it work? In agreement with our clients, at the beginning of each interview conducted with socially-responsible module, respondent is informed that certain amount of money is donated to charity (to the specified institution) by the company that ordered the study and for each interview completed. At the end of interview, we disclose the name of the company which ordered the study and specified amount to be donated to charity from each completed interview, as well as for the whole study. Furthermore, this way we achieve increase of response rate and higher data quality in our surveys, due to truly motivated respondents.

After each socially responsible survey conducted, we publish information about donations at social media, with a transparent information about exact amount of money donated to charity, names of institutions receiving our donations and list of companies that supported these donations with their studies ordered within our socially responsible survey module.

We are very glad to witness high willingness from both our respondents and clients to contribute to better community via socially responsible surveys.

If you would like to hear more on our services please contact us via online form or email.